Source-Tech, Premier Pipe Cleaning and Specialty Water & Energy Technology Services.

Source-Tech brings a unique resource to our water treatment services, the flexibility to apply our water management service to the HVAC Contractor from inception to completion.Only a specialized well trained technical group should perform these services. Source Tech brings you that professional group to you.

Regular piping system cleanings will help maintain efficient and a maintenance free cooling and heating program.Our Source Tech group works with HVAC mechanical contractors and performs, pipe cleaning , chemical corrosion inhibitors injection , injection of Glycol from tanker loads to single drums freeze protection.

Utilizing our premiere cleaning group Bardon’s disinfects potable water systems using Chlorine , Chlorine Dioxide, or Ag-Cu(silver/copper) systems, Bardon’s has the tools to insure efficient bacteria kill and State acceptance of the potable water system..



Domestic Water Disinfection

  • Removes coliform bacteria
  • E-Coli
  • Heterotrophic Bacteria
  • Prevents Legionella

Cooling Tower Cleaning

  • Clean and passivates new galvinized cooling towers
  • Maximizes water treatment chemistry
  • Maximizes efficiency of cooling system
  • Extends the life of the cooling tower
  • Helps prevent bacteria infestation










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Source-Tech, Inc.

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