Certified Water Technologist Code of Ethics

I hereby:Certified Water Technologist

  1. Recognize and acknowledge that the proper control of industrial water treatment problems can be critical to the safety and welfare of the general public and industrial facilities.
  2. Recognize and acknowledge that the control of industrial water treatment problems is obligatory to maximize conservation of our material resources and to reduce economic losses.
  3. Recognize and acknowledge that the entire field of industrial water treatment encompasses the application of the knowledge and experience of many diverse disciplines and levels of technical competence which must often be consulted.
  4. Recognize and acknowledge that only through continual association and cooperation with others in this field can the safest and most economical solutions be found to the many types of industrial water treatment problems.
  5. Recognize and acknowledge that the quality of my work reflects on the entire industrial water treatment profession.

When You See CWT

You have one of the industries BEST working for You

  • CWT is the standard of excellence in the water treatment Industry.
  • The CWT has passed a rigorous 200 question proctored test covering all aspects of water treatment. The CWT must re certify every five years.
  • The CWT has been employed as a water treatment professional for a minimum of five years and pass through a peer review from other professionals and clients.
  • Don’t take a chance with your water treatment needs .Demand the best.Choose a professional who meets the highest standards in the industry.
  • Demand excellence in corrosion control ,microbiological control as well as overall system performance. Request to see a Certified Water Technologist.