figure1Figure 1.0 – Bardon’s provides complete water management solutions.

3.0 – Core Capabilities

  Bardon’s Water Services and Technologies provides complete water management system and services specializing in commercial, institutional, and industrial water treatment.  We offer broad solutions for all systems, specializing in proprietary system cleaning to include new construction pipe cleaning, boiler boil outs, cooling tower cleaning and fouled or bacteria contaminated systems.  Bardon’s professionals specialize in Cooling Tower and  Building Water Systems Legionella risk assessments, testing for e-coli, coliform bacteria, heterotrophic bacteria and legionella.  Reliable, efficient, and consistent functioning of water bearing systems is crucial to building owners and managers for economic reasons (operating costs, energy costs, mechanical costs, and avoidance of costly downtime and loss of production. 

Specialty Services.

  • Mitigation of Legionella bacteria in Cooling Towers and other Building Water Systems. Legionella remediation, Bardon’s experts will help eradicate this deadly disease.
  • Legionella bacteria is responsible for 4000 deaths annually in the country.
  • The mode of infection is through inhalation and not through physical contact or ingestion of the contaminated water source.
  • Individuals with compromised immune systems , legionnaire’s may be fatal.
  • Bardon’s team meet the criteria for HACCP( Hazardous Assessment and Critical Control Point)  and have attended numerous seminars and webinars to update their team on ASHRAE  Standard 188  


Bardon’s has a long term business relationship with Walchem chemical pumps and Controllers, Pulsatrol, Neptune, LMI ,North Metals chemicals ,Univar ,Mann Chemical Co ,LiquiTech and numerous laboratories and other support organizations. Bardon’s has strong working business relationship with these companies. 

10.0 – Location

Bardon’s is headquartered in East Greenwich Rhode Island with easy access  to  Interstate 95.  Less than 50 miles from Boston, the home of some of the largest technological companies in the world, we find ourselves strategically placed to serve all of our major clients.  Bardon’s is also no more than one hour away from some of the nation’s largest and prestige’s colleges in the country.  Thirty minutes from TF Green Airport it is soon to become an International airport with the completion of a new runway. As part of our expansion strategy we have focused, invested and expanded north into Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire and the territories are now profitable. Bardon’s  customer the New England States and also services it’s prestigious National Account, Nordstrom’s, in New York and New Jersey.



Bardon’s Water Services, 3377 South County Trail East Greenwich Rhode Island