New Construction / HVAC

Bardon’s Water Services & Technologies is a leader in providing water treatmentsystems to Mechanical Contractors and Engineering Firms designing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.

Mechanical contractors through out the Northeast have come to rely on us to provide solid engineering, based on provided plans and specification.

Our professional experience in this field along with our turnkey operations, professional installations, systems cleanings and potable water sanitizing has made Bardon’s the professionals to call for new building installations and building HVAC renovations.

Mechanical contractors look to Bardon’s and their team of professional, pre-operational, chemical cleaning group, Source-Tech, to prepare and establish a viable water treatment program. To insure that each piece of equipment in the water bearing system is protected from any particulate matter that may cause irrefutable harm to chillers, pumps, boilers or fan coil units.

Our experience working with engineering firms to help solve complex cleaning projects on thousands of feet of high temperature, chilled water and steam piping has given us the reputation of a leader in this vitally important aspect of the building project.
Bardon’s Water Services & Technologies maintains a complete line of high pressure ,high velocity pumps, portable temporary equipment and cleaning protocols to immediately commence work on any project.

Thomas J Lydon CWT