Bardon’s Water Technologies & Government Services

Bardon’s Water Technologies celebrates 35 Years in The Water Treatment Business.  Bardon’s water chemistry and  pretreatment equipment has been validated over these 35 years of operation.  Our Source Tech group has the equipment and no how to work with mechanical contractors. Bardon’s has the resources to perform all water treatment chemical and equipment set up . Bardon’s has been accepted by Mechanical Contractors throughout the North East.Using Bardon’s Source Tech team we will accomplish  all chilled and hot water pipe cleaning,  Cooling Tower cleaning and potable water Chlorination’s.

Reliable, efficient, and consistent functioning of water bearing systems is crucial to building owners, healthcare facilities and hospitals for economic reasons (operating costs, energy costs, mechanical costs, avoidance of costly downtime and patient care.

For immediate assistance with any cooling, boiler, or domestic water problem  please call 1-800-669-2837 or e mail Tom at

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