Legionella – What I need To Know

Legionella risk assessment and legionella monitoring are simple processes in controlling the risk of legionella bacteria in water bearing  systems.

Legionella is a term for a group of bacteria which, if inhaled, can cause Legionnaires Disease. You can only contract legionella by inhalation and not ingestion.

This disease is a form of pneumonia which prove fatal in 10-15% of cases. Up to 4000 deaths associated with Legionella annually .

Bardon’s partners with a professional team of  experts to help eradicate this infectious disease. With the help of laboratories like Phigenics and  Environmental Systems Technologies. Consulting with renowned microbiologist  Dr.  Richard Miller PhD, Dr. Bill McCoy PhD and Dr. Janet Stout .PhD and Colin Frayne a world renowned expert and author in the field of water treatment .