Aluminum heat exchanger with external copper in condensing type boilers. Bardon’s is re defining the treatment for Aluminum Heat Ex changers.All new or future projects that have aluminum heat exchangers will be treated with Tannin Technology.


  1.  PA 502 AB is a comprehensive closed system treatment utilizing a special blend of corrosion inhibitors to protect aluminum ,copper and mild steel found in  aluminum boilers/condensing type boilers.  It is comparable with most molybdate or other nitrite base closed loop systems.
  2. 502 MD is a molybdate based closed system treatment . This product is an excellent choice for hot water boiler systems utilizing aluminum internals.
  3. PA 505 is a silicate based closed loop treatment. This product is suitable for both hot and chilled and hot water systems.Silicate is also utilized in aluminum/condensing type boilers
  4. PA 502 is a nitrite ,Azole based closed loop treatment. This product is an excellent choice when non ferrouse metals are involved.