Legionella Prevention/ Phigenics

Legionella Disease is a fact of life. The link between water cooled utilities, hot domestic water  and Legionnaires Disease bacterium has been established. Our services are offered to assist hospitals and all healthcare facilities, office buildings, hotels, and  industry in the remediation and eradication of this dangerous disease.

The link between water cooled HVAC equipment and potable hot water systems and Legionella Disease has been established. Our services for the remediation of Legionella Disease are offered.(See Below)

Routine testing and Cooling Tower Cleaning fo protection againestr Legionella in is highly recommended.

Technican at Bardon’s Water Servicespreparing water sample for Legionella pneumophila test.

Legionella Picture

Bardon’s field service technicians sanitizing and testing a cooling towers suspected of having legionella. Protective clothing and breathing apparatus are imperative to protect personnel from contacting bacterial infections.


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Using  (HACCP) Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Water Management teams will betaken their first step in preventing Legionella