The FlowLine family of high tech level measurement and flow detection. We carry all of FlowLine’s products and are glad to help you with your application needs. To learn more about FlowLine and how these innovative products will solve problems take the FlowLine Test Drive now then call us for your discounted pricing.

Got Flow?……Need to know?

Fluid and Gas Flow Detection is available now in a sophisticated compact design. Check out Thermo-Floª flow switches for pump or process protection in liquid or gas applications. The sensor is constructed of PP/Rytonª or PVDF material with an adjustable set point, LED indicator and relay or FET switch output.

For direct pump or valve control, select our Switch Proª assembly with a sensor and compact relay controller. The AC powered controller features a 10A relay, NEMA 4X enclosure and adjustable time delay.

From pumping stations to chemical metering systems and exhaust hoods, Flowline has the right flow switch for your application.

Need a simple solution for your level detection needs? We have economical float switches that can provide high and low level outputs. Vertical mount switches and micro floats that fit into the smallest of spaces.