Koflo Pump Calibration Columns are an easy to use method for determining pump flow rate using industry standard graduations of milliliters/minute and gallons/hour. An equal starting point for both graduated scales gives the operator both ml/min. and GPH in one test. High contrast blue lettering enhances readability in all light conditions, and all scales have a protective Mylar lamination to protect against chemical attack. All sizes feature rugged construction using industrial grade PVC fittings.


Typical installation of calibration column between pump and tank assembly

How to use a calibration column:
1. Install pump calibration columns on the suction side of pump as shown on the drawing.
2. With valve A open and the pump operating, open valve B slowly until fluid level reaches the 0 mark.
3. Close valve A and begin timing with a stopwatch or wristwatch secondhand.
4. At the one-minute mark, observe the fluid level. This is the actual pump flowrate in ml/min. and GPH.
5. When not in use, the calibration column should be drained, valve B closed, and valve A opened.