Pulsatron by Pulsafeeder is one of our most versatile pumps, for a complete line up of the Pulsatron series check out the complete listing by clicking on the pump picture.

LMI Pumps are some of the most reliable pumps on the market we have the complete line of LMI Pumps and accessories. To find out more just click the picture of the LMI Pump.


Blue White Pumps are reliable, economical and very flexible. We have the complete line of Blue White Pumps and accessories to offer and can help you to match any pump with an appropriate controller for any application. Just click on the Pump to find out more.

MicroTron Series A metering pumps from Advantage Controls provide reliable, flexible chemical addition for a wide variety of applications. Optional built-in control features include: 4-20mA input, Percent Timer, Pulse Timer, Biocide Timer.

Metering accuracy is achieved with microprocessor controlled menu adjustable speed and double ball guided checks. All in a rugged thermoplastic NEMA 4X housing which allows for outdoor installations.

Key Features

Dual Output Adjustment NEMA 4X Style Enclosure
LCD Backlit Display LED Indicating Lights
Optional Control Functions Guided Double Ball Checks
Circuit Voltage Protection Thermal Overload Protection
Priming Valve Standard Splash Cover Over Controls
Simple Step-Through Menu 2 Year Replacement Warranty

Peristaltic Chemical Feeders

Stenner offers a complete line of highly reliable peristaltic chemical feeders with output ranges from .2 gallons per day (0.6 liters) to 170 gallons per day (514.8 liters) depending on model and application.

Beta Technology, has many pumps and controllers to meet several unique applications:

  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Commercial/Industrial
  • Pool/Spa
  • Wells
  • Cooling Tower
  • Boiler
  • Biocide Feed
  • Aquarium Feeders
  • Ponds

Walchem offers high quality electronically controlled chemical metering pumps to meet all budgets.

  • Self-primes and more importantly, holds prime
  • Features a high compression head with an auto air vent valve ensuring that bleach-off gassing does not affect pump performance
  • We guarantee performance by offering a 2 year warranty that includes the liquid end and diaphragm!!